Current Pre-Orders and Back-Orders


When we anticipate bringing in a new hot-seller or an item that we expect will be in high demand, we offer it for pre-sale to estimate how many we should create when it launches.  We don't want a brand new product to be out of stock the moment it comes in, so the pre-order is a tool that should help us prevent immediate sell-outs.

That being said, it's not unusual for pre-orders to take 2 weeks to a over a month to come in.  As a courtesy, we sell pre-ordered products at a discounted price. Pre-orders are also non-refundable.


At times, a preorder may be delayed. Our factory is in China. We have had one preorder get completely lost and need to be replaced. Our products are made for us. So if a large shipment goes missing, it must be reproduced. 

We publish the EXPECTED date of arrival, and that may change due to misprints, customs delays, international and US holidays, acts of nature, etc.
We can not control the date of delivery outside of the expected dates. However, we DO guarantee if you order the product, it WILL be sent to you.
We don't often do preorders because of the amount of confusion and delays are frequent- but we guarantee you will get your preorder.

We ALWAYS communicate any delays we are aware of. But we ask if you place a pre-order, you have an understanding that it is unlikely, but a delay may happen. However we will guarantee it will arrive to us. You agree not to demand a refund or file a claim. We often base our inventory on pre-order demand. Therefore, a refund is not an option for these special order items.

Something else to keep in mind- if you plan on ordering a pre-ordered item, make sure that you order that aside from other merchandise if you wish to get the merchandise that is IN STOCK sooner than the pre-order product. Because of the cost of shipping, and most of our shipping is offered free- we simply can not afford to ship orders in pieces.  If a pre-order contains regularly stocked merchandise, we will hold the order until the pre-order is in.  Please keep that in mind and order accordingly to suit your needs.

Back-orders are similar.  These items have been reordered and have not arrived in warehouse yet.  We open backorders up to be ordered when we know they are due in soon.  This allows someone waiting for an item to reserve them before they sell out again.  Items ordered with backorders will also be held until they arrive in stock unless they are ordered separately.

Another option is to upgrade shipping.  If upgraded shipping is selected and paid for, we will ship the in-stock merchandise immediately, then we will ship the back/pre-order when it arrives- at our own expense.