Glitterati Acrylic Dip System

Why acrylic dip?  
-Dip colors don't chip like nail polish.  The color is solid through and through.
-Dip layers a strong acrylic to the nail, making the nail stronger and less likely to bend or crack with the acrylic on.
-We like clear acrylic dip as an option to layer over our nail polish strips too!  Some top coats make our strips buckle and crack.  Acrylic dip doesn't do that, and it protects the polish below.

-Do Glitterati nail polish strips stick to acrylic dip?  
-I only see a few colors.  How many colors will you have?
We plan to launch colors seasonally- growing our variety as we go.
-Will you offer starter sets or kits?
-I want to buy lots of colors to try before I commit.  Will you offer sample sizes?

5 Steps for Prep

Before getting started, it’s crucial that you prep nails correctly to ensure adhesion. Here’s how:

  1. Wash your hands and remove any polish. Trim nails if needed and shape as desired.
  2. Remove any overhanging cuticle growth carefully.  You want your nail exposed and clean.
  3. Lightly buff the nail surface with the 220-grit side of a buffer. Remove dust and wash hands.

6 Steps for Application

After prepping nails, get ready to dip! Pour a small amount of your shade of choice into small, plastic cups.

  1. (optional step) Wipe nails with an alcohol pad to remove any lingering oils or moisturizers.
  2. (optional step) Apply our Nail Primer to each nail and allow it to dry.
  3. Apply one coat of Base- STEP 1 to a single nail, making sure to cover the entire surface of the nail. Immediately dip the same nail at a 45-degree angle into Color Powder. Tap off excess powder and repeat on the other four nails of the same hand. Be sure to complete one nail at a time in order to prevent the base coat from drying too quickly.
  4. Once the hand is complete, tap off excess powder. When it’s dry to the touch, use a clean cosmetic powder brush to wipe off any remaining loose powder. Apply a second layer of Base- Step 1 and Color Powder. Wipe any remaining loose powder with brush.
  5. Apply one coat of Activator-STEP 2 to all five nails, making sure to cover the entire surface of the nail. Allow to dry completely. While the activator dries, complete the first two steps on the other hand.
  6. Go back to the first hand and make sure the Activator is completely dry. If needed, gently file and buff the surface. Use a light hand when filing and buffing to avoid filing through the layers of color. Use a cosmetic brush to remove excess powder and filing dust.
  7. Apply one coat of Activator on all five nails of the same hand, making sure to cover the entire surface of each nail. Allow it to dry completely. File and buff as necessary.
  8. Apply one coat of Top Coat- STEP 3 to each nail and allow at least one minute to dry. Repeat this application on the other hand, then apply a second coat to each hand.
  9. (optional) Use Brush Saver to clean off any crossover from powder to brushes before sealing up bottles.
  10. (optional) Use our cuticle oil to nourish the skin around the nail.

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