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Who we are :

Putting it bluntly- we're a team of nail polish addicts!

How many of us have bought an amazing bottle of nail polish- only to use it once to match that "special outfit"?  You used it, loved it, then it was exiled to the "Forgotten Polish" bin, box, or drawer?

When you dig through it on occasion to rediscover your bottles of treasures, you notice some have dried out, some have leaked, others have separated and just don't mix up the same as before.

How many of us travel and have had our polishes confiscated on an airplane?  (You can't use it on the plane!) Or it was in your carry-on and you exceeded your limit on liquids- and had to sacrifice your expensive bottle of liquid glamour to the TSA agent that you just KNOW took it home with her?  Yeah... you saw her eyeing it... we did too.

Or you packed it in your luggage, only to discover that it leaked EVERYWHERE.  Maybe you forgot to tighten it or maybe it was opened during a baggage inspection.  You'll never know.  But now all your belongings are splatter painted with silver and blue sparkles.

That may have been us.

So we decided to look for other options.

That's when we found out about nail polish stickers, strips, and wraps.
There are some big brands out there that seem to have the same thought we did.  We spent thousands of dollars on every one of them.  (We told our husbands it was STRICTLY market research, but we may have had a lot of fun doing it, dressing up our nails in different designs as frequently as we changed our outfits.)  And you know what?  Half of them didn't even stick or stay stuck.
Many were WAY overpriced- making them just a waste of money if they wouldn't stay in place.
We bought the MLM brand ones too.  We dealt with the sales reps blowing up our social media inboxes to try and hawk us colors we'd never wear.  Just leave us alone and let us shop!

Then we realized most of these "other guys" were just that- male-run businesses that didn't know what we wanted.  They didn't know what was important to us.  We wanted harmful chemical free (We are "10 Free"- see the FAQ page for the list of ingredients we DON'T use!) Cruelty-free, no mess, no hassle, and no sales pitch.

So we went to work.

We wanted a brand that said "fancy" and "luxury" and "sparkly"- and the name Glitterati was born:


  1. the fashionable set of people engaged in show business or some other glamorous activity.

Yes, girl... yes.  Life is a show if you're in show business or not.  Your nails need to be on point at all times but how many of us could afford to have them done as frequently as we wanted to?  (Hello, mom life here!)  How many of us painstakingly paint our nails at home just to have to dive after one of our kids- just to look down and see a smudge?  Aaaaagh!  

No dry time. No mess.  No drama.  Sign me up!

So here we are.  Women and moms living a show life for work, for the PTA, for US.  This was our answer and we hope you find us to be your answer too.

We're committed to building our business and we are committed to you! From the little girl to the Instagram #Instaglammer, from the mom to the queen of the boardroom... we strive to match our brand with every woman's style.
From serious glitter and glam to subtle solids- we have got your nails covered.
Thank you for learning about us and for being a loyal GlitteratiGirl.  We look forward to growing our brand for you.

PS. We are NOT an MLM or direct sales company.  We are an e-commerce site that sells directly to customers.  Wholesale is available to approved retailers ONLY!