GlitteratiGives for Fundraising

We have been approached by moms wanting to use our products to fundraise for their schools and we thought- "Wow, what an awesome opportunity for us to give back!"
Because of those moms, we've decided to offer an opportunity to fundraise for your cause!  

Glitterati offers a much different product lineup for your fundraising needs that isn't your typical thing.  Ditch the overpriced chocolates and meats- ridiculously expensive wrapping papers, and buy something you will actually use- AND support the cause of your choice.

With so many colors to choose from (and so many added all the time) we can provide products to match school colors, corporate colors, causes and more.  
Show school spirit by wearing nail polish strips in your school colors- AND earn up to 25% back for your cause.  Raise money for breast cancer awareness with our pink and white nail polish strips!  Raise money for animals with any of our animal print strips!
Or use the whole catalog of products!  The sky is the limit!

How does it work?

Glitterati will receive your request to partner and we will provide you the following:
-A fundraising packet including:  
  -an e-file with sell sheets that you can print and distribute for all your participants, order forms, images and any other documents you will need to support your cause.  (All electronic, you will need to print them)
  - a custom web link for participants to place orders directly on our website and forgo the order form. (a great option for those that are uncomfortable with providing credit card information on an order form)
   - a listing on the website so participants who may have lost the information can go straight to the fundraising tab and order right there.
   - a set time for fundraising activities that fit your schedule, set date for earnings payouts, and updates on status and earnings to date.

Orders are fulfilled and shipped by us directly to customers and participants. No need to worry about deliveries, hassles, or lost items.  Products will ship out within one week of funds clearing.  Direct on website orders ship next business day.

Your cause will earn between 10 and 25% depending on volume of product sold.  We can customize goals for your cause and expected turnout.  
We also offer reward incentives for the highest producers at our own expense!
We provide up to 5 gift certificates to present top fundraisers an award for their efforts.  This extra incentive is simply our way of saying "thank you" for choosing us as your fundraising partner.  Values of the gift certificates vary on overall sales volume and will all be discussed and finalized with the applicant.

Our products are low cost and not marked up for a fundraiser.  Customers will feel inclined to place an order because it's only $7.99!  There's no excuse that "they don't need wrapping paper" or "I'm on a diet" and can't order food!  No room for "It's too expensive!"

You are also working with one of our owners one on one to help make your program a success!  You aren't just another campaign to us. We are partners in your success!  Let's work together!