Domestic and International Shipping Rates

Domestic Shipping Information:

Domestic standard Frist Class shipping to the United States is FREE.
Because of our low prices, we can not hide the cost of shipping in our product prices.  We don't want to charge customers more than we need to. 
All orders ship as soon as possible- with most shipping within 24 BUSINESS hours of the order being placed.  Occasionally, we do extend the courtesy of shipping on weekends and holidays, but that practice is simply an extra effort to better serve our customers as we can.

When an item ships, normally it is issued a tracking number.  Occasionally, the order does not meet a minimum to justify the cost.  To protect pricing and the free shipping courtesy, we have established a minimum order for tracking to be issued.  Orders over $20 will be issued a tracking number automatically. Orders under $20 will ship First-Class with no tracking- but if a tracking number is required, the customer may pay $2.66 to ship the item with tracking.  Almost half of the cost of one product is shipping.  We do not wish to make the customer pay more for the product.  The compromise for us was to issue tracking on orders hitting a minimum order level- which we keep very low.  If you wish to upgrade to have tracking, that option will be provided for you at checkout.

We explain this here because we believe in being transparent with our customers.  We have found a simple, honest explanation is better than leaving a customer to guess.  

Here you will find our rates for shipping outside of the US.

Australia and New Zealand: