Partner With Us

We are always interested in partnering with businesses.  However, we select our wholesale partnerships on a case by case basis.

Retail locations (with a true retail presence, no in-home boutiques or pop-up shops) and industry professionals are welcome to contact us.
We are also interested in certain types of website-based retailers.

All relationships are hand-selected to ensure the best outcome for all parties.  We do not sell wholesale direct to work at home businesses, businesses that only have a social media presence and no true retail presence.
We must be able to verify the validity of applicant's representations about their business before we decide to work with a retailer.  This means resale licenses, retail address, proof of incorporation, or other types of business documentation may need to be provided.

There have been many work at home type sales programs that have expressed interest in working with our brand.  We do not feel this type of business best suits the plans for our company in the long term and as such, we will not consider this type of arrangement under any circumstance.

If you enter into a wholesale agreement with us, you represent that you will maintain MSRP.  We are not interested in saddling our retailers with more inventory than they can sell quickly.  Our partnerships are mutually beneficial, and as such, we want to ensure you are always able to bring in and sell fresh product in pristine packaging- to best represent your brand AND ours.

If you would like to discuss the opportunity to carry Glitterati products in your establishments, please send us an email outlining a bit of information about your business, what type it is, and what role Glitterati can play in it. 

Email information to:


Influencers, bloggers, social media, and website owners- earn 10%-15% as an affiliate! No fee to enroll. 

Receive a referral code that can be embedded in graphics for your website ads to generate passive referral income. OR share the link with friends and your network to generate income without having to enroll in a MLM or Direct Sales program. 

(We do not offer a direct sales or MLM program and will not sell "wholesale" under the affiliate program)

If you're interested in becoming an affiliate, apply by submitting a media kit or information about your platform to us for consideration.  We will review it and get back to you quickly if we feel that you're a good match for us.

(We reserve the right to deny, modify, or cancel any affiliate application, partnership, terms, or program at any time)

Once your affiliate application has been APPROVED (usually within 24 business hours from application) you may join the Glitterati Affiliate Info Group on Facebook to get communications, marketing, and more.  The link is HERE.
If and when your application is approved, you will also be granted access to the affiliate portal.

We reserve the right to deny any application for any reason.  
You do not need to email us to request a status, or to let us know you have applied.  

Our affiliate program is LIMITED to 500 affiliates at one time- after 500, we place names on a waiting list.  In order to stay active, affiliates must hit minimum sales goals.  Full details of the affiliate program are available to affiliates once they are approved to participate.