Solids and Sparkles

Frequently on our social media channels, we post photographs of our amazing nail polish strips on.  None of us are "hand models" or professional nail people.  That's important to note because nail polish strips allow so many people to create really unique looks in just a fraction of the time it would take to do the traditional way.

We really want to help our customers achieve unique looks and results that they love, so we decided to create a page with different ideas on how to do some of the looks you're seeing on our social media pages.

Contained below are design ideas dreamed up by customers, affiliates, and employees- with step by step application instructions.

We hope that this section helps inspire you!



Contributor: Chandra
Strips Needed:
Light Amethyst Glitter

Chandra began by choosing her solid nails.  In this case, she used:
-Peridot on her index finger
-Light Amethyst Glitter on her thumb, middle, ring, and pinky fingers
-On the thumb, she cut a Peridot strip diagonally and placed it over half of the thumb. She repeated the step again with a Frozen strip.
-On her index finger, she simply placed a Frozen strip over the Peridot strip.
-For her ring finger, she cut out a long, triangular piece of Peridot and centered it at her cuticle, using the long point to cover the rest of her nail to the tip.
-For the pinky, she used the Peridot strip that was cut to provide the triangle for the index finger to cover the pinky finger- taking care to keep the opening that was cut visible to show off the Amethyst strip below.

This one is a little more complicated, but it can be combined with any colors to create a really unique look!
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